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Is Your Garden Covered?

Is Your Garden Covered?


Over Christmas, many people store more of their belongings in their sheds and garages so it is important to ensure all belongings are insured.


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Over the Christmas period, people tend to keep more of their personal possessions in their garages or garden sheds to make room for guests etc. According to an investment company, this means that people need to understand the importance of home insurance in order to fully protect their belongings.

The company believes that the lines between home contents and outbuilding and garden contents are becoming blurred as a result of more household items being stored in garden sheds.

The advice that the company gives is to double check your policy to see exactly which of your belongings are covered because some insurance companies have relatively low limits and you may find that you won’t be covered if items are stolen from your garden

A report says that a leading home insurance company has found that many UK homeowners have converted lofts and garages into extensions for their homes and because of this have had to use their garden sheds for storage.  Therefore, this is why it’s important to make sure you and your possessions are completely covered.

The report also shows that 11 per cent of people will spend over £500 on their gardens this year on features such as garden furniture and fancy new barbeques but will not insure the new additions.

The study conducted by the company also showed that 93 per cent of people leave items in their gardens overnight meaning that they are very vulnerable. Their research also showed that 14 per cent of people have valuables in their sheds worth up to £1,500 and that out of 69 per cent of garden shed owners, 9 per cent say they never bother locking it, which can mean that even with insurance, your possessions are at risk and you may never be able to get the money back.  Therefore, as the company has said that this could cause some home insurance policies to become invalid.


Many people have home insurance policies but may not be covered for some of their items as they are kept in the shed which isn’t covered by the policy.


People who have bought features such as garden furniture and barbeques do not have the items insured and may therefore lose money.