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Swing seats 'a great addition to any garden furniture'

29/10/2010 Shoppers looking to invest in a new hardwood garden furniture set have been urged to consider adding a swing to their outdoor space.

The JayHoward blog has said that, whether it is a child's play swing or a more grown-up version for adults to enjoy, a garden swing is the perfect addition to complete a backyard makeover.

While the design options available are incredibly varied, garden swings are typically made from either stained hardwood or lightweight aluminium.

"Both material types have their advantages and disadvantages. If you already have wooden garden furniture in your garden, then a wooden swing would be a great accompaniment to your setting," the writer suggested.

Buyers were also advised that, during the winter, a hardwood garden furniture set should be protected with a robust, waterproof cover as the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Earlier this week, the StylishEve blog said that wooden furniture is ideal for placing on an outdoor patio or deck, because its natural composition can complement the lush, green surroundings in which it is positioned.

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