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Garden furniture 'ideal for enjoying nature'

19/10/2010 While the barbecue season may be over, there is no reason to put away the hardwood and texture garden furniture set just yet – as it could provide a perfect perch from which to enjoy the wildlife in your backyard.

Those living in the Kent area could be in for some particularly pleasant experiences with nature, if they take advantage of advice being offered by a local garden furniture retailer, the News Shopper has reported.

Running from this week until October 31st, visitors to the Keston Garden Centre in Oakley Road, Bromley, have the chance to learn about looking after the winged things found right outside their home.

"Anyone who visits the garden centre will receive free tips and advice about feeding and caring for their garden birds," manager Mark Bosworth told the news provider.

In addition, there will be a number of fun activities with which children can get involved while their parents are left to pick out plants and decorative items to complement their hardwood and texture garden furniture.

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