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Brits returning to 'traditional' garden designs

05/11/2010 An expert has said that an increasing number of green-fingered Brits are choosing to adopt a "traditional" look for their outdoor space, which may include a hardwood and texture garden furniture set.

Thomas Hoblyn, spokesman for the Society of Garden Designers, said, for example, that wallflowers had previously been seen as "a bit of a 70s plant", but have proven popular in recent months.

"There is a big, strong revisit to this retro 70s and 80s feel about things," he added.

Homeowners looking to complement the traditional appearance of their green space may wish to choose a hardwood and texture garden furniture set over more contemporary aluminium designs.

Mr Hoblyn went on to suggest that the recession may have been behind people's return to more old-fashioned plants, noting that chrysanthemums had also enjoyed a resurgence in popularity.

"Chrysanthemums used to be considered really tacky, but now they are everywhere this winter," he said.

Earlier this week, the blog urged shoppers to choose a hardwood garden furniture set, as their durable qualities make them a year-round solution.

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