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Try fruit kebabs on your gas BBQ

23/08/2010 If you're thinking of a new and healthy desert to cook on your gas BBQ this bank holiday weekend then The Sun's Fit Squad could have the answer.

The experts suggested making BBQ fruit and chocolate kebabs as an alternative to more calorie-filled options such as cheesecake or a gateau.

To make the desert, all you need to do is thread banana, kiwi fruit, strawberries and seedless grapes on to a kebab skewer.

Next you should brush the kebabs with orange juice and cook for around five minutes, turning occasionally. When they're ready, sprinkle over some grated white chocolate and serve as the chocolate melts.

The suggestions came after a survey by Boots and the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss programme found that, on average, Brits eat more than their recommended daily calorie intake in one sitting at a BBQ, with women consuming 2,500 calories and men eating 3,500.

Amanda, a member of the newspaper's Fit Squad, said: "A barbecue can be an incredibly healthy way of eating if you stick with the right options." ADNFCR-3488-ID-800036039-ADNFCR

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