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Gas BBQs: Charcoal baskets 'the perfect accessory'

11/11/2010 Many of Britain's alfresco dining enthusiasts are likely to already be shopping for new gas BBQs in preparation for the spring grilling season, and, according to one expert, next year's must-have accessory is the charcoal basket.

According to the Independent Power blog, while gas BBQs are favoured by most for their ease of use, many outdoor diners long for the smoky barbecue flavour produced by more traditional cooking methods.

One solution to this problem could be to invest in a stainless-steel charcoal basket, which sits on top of a gas BBQ's burner, heating up to emit black smoke ideal for replicating those desirable tastes.

"This allows … the best of both grills: the convenience of the gas BBQ [and] the excellent flavour of the charcoal. These varieties of barbeque accessories are towards the top of the majority of grill chefs lists," the writer asserted.

Earlier this month, the Barbecue Pitman blog claimed that, while gas grills may not produce as "authentic" a barbecue taste, their ease of use far outweighs any slight negatives.

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