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Gas BBQ owners urged to stay safe this winter

25/10/2010 When using a gas BBQ to cook food and entertain friends, most of us consider the risk of being burnt if equipment is not used and cared for correctly, but one expert has highlighted other dangers which must not be overlooked.

Speaking to Washington News, gas safety expert Andy Wappler explained that, while using gas BBQs indoors – in the warmth and shelter of a garden shed – may seem like a good idea for winter barbecue fun, it is never a good idea.

Mr Wappler explained that within seconds of placing a lit barbecue inside a shed, a carbon monoxide detector would be sounding, as deadly levels of the poisonous gas quickly filled the enclose space.

"Fifty parts per million is considered unsafe. 2,000 can cause death," the news provider reported, though Mr Wappler's shed demonstration quickly saw readings pass the 300-parts-per-million mark.

The colder months do not have to spell the end of gas BBQ season, however, as long as the cooking takes place in the open air, dinner guests can enjoy their food indoors or under the warmth of an outdoor patio heater.

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