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Brit builds world's largest gas BBQ

13/08/2010 A grill capable of putting any gas BBQ to shame has been built by a British engineer.

Jack Henriques has managed to create the world's largest BBQ, which stands 11ft tall, 16ft wide and weighs a whopping two tonne.

Dubbed the God-grilla, the colossal BBQ is capable of cooking 1,000 sausages, 500 burgers, seven whole lambs, three pigs or two cows at the same time.

Mr Henriques told the Daily Telegraph that he plans to construct an even larger BBQ in the future.

"When the barbecue is loaded up to full capacity at least three chefs are needed and it would be impossible to flip everything on your own," he explained.

The engineer believes that at its hottest temperature the grill has reached 500 degrees.

Visitors to a BBQ of this size should take note of a survey released recently, which revealed that men and women both generally exceeded their daily calorie allowance in one meal at a BBQ.

The average person will eat two sausages, one and a half burgers, two chicken drumsticks, one and a half meat skewers, fish, a baked potato, a side salad, pasta salad, a desert and a bowl of fruit salad every time they go to a BBQ.  ADNFCR-3488-ID-800025240-ADNFCR

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