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Gas BBQs 'easier to clean than charcoal models'

06/08/2010 Gas BBQs are far easier to clean that their charcoal counterparts, making alfresco dining a stress free pastime.

According to Garden Style Direct, features such as "slide out drip trays and the ability to turn up the heat to burn off juices or fat deposits" make cleaning a gas BBQ after an afternoon in the sun a much easier task.

What's more, gas BBQs don't produce the same levels of smoke, which will keep the neighbours happy, and provide "more control, convenience and cooking flexibility " than charcoal BBQs, the blog claimed.

Cooking on a gas BBQ is often considered to be simpler as once ignited they provide a constant level of heat.

However, no matter which type of BBQ you use, food safety should be at the top of the agenda when dining outdoors this summer.

The Irish Independent advised this week that it is essential that all meat heated on a gas BBQ is cooked all the way through before being eaten.

"Check by cutting the meat to ensure there is no pink meat and juices run clear," the newspaper explained. ADNFCR-3488-ID-800015623-ADNFCR

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