Property owners with a hard wood garden furniture set have been told to make sure they keep their goods secure by locking their shed...

An expert has said that messages about the importance of sun protection when exercising outdoors, perhaps with trampolines for the garden, are "slowly but surely" getting through to more people...

Reality TV star Jeff Brazier, who fathered two children with the late Big Brother legend Jade Goody, has recommended garden trampolines as a fun way to get the kids exercising outdoors this spring...


Flavour provided by gas BBQs 'continues to improve'

03/08/2010 Advancements with gas BBQs in recent years mean that they now offer a similar flavour to their charcoal counterparts.

Greg Killick, the head of the Home Depot barbecue department in Newbury Park, California, told that traditionally charcoal BBQs have offered a smokier flavour but "improvements in heat shield technology have helped to improve the taste of meat cooked on gas BBQs".

Gas BBQs were also said to be more convenient as they offer "instant and controllable heat levels", another Home Depot employee told the news provider.

Regardless of whether you choose to invest in a gas BBQ or a charcoal grill, the website highlighted that it was essential to do you research and choose the right model for your needs.

Those who already have a gas BBQ and are looking for ideas about what to cook could take advice from Yum Sugar, which recently recommended grilled kebabs as a great way to enjoy seasonal vegetables.

It suggested grilling courgette, aubergine and pepper on a stick and serving the kebabs with feta cheese and orzu pasta.

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