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Garden expert recommends aluminium garden furniture

26/10/2010 Metallic furniture has been one of the nation's favourite ways to beautify a green space since the Victorian era, according to an expert who recommends the aluminium garden furniture set for modern style.

Writing for the blog, design guru Vita Merisia said that metal items add durability and classic style to a patio's functionality and appearance, but urged people to consider lightweight options.

"Aluminium garden furniture is really simple to carry around and can often be folded for simple storage," she explained.

The writer also pointed out that, when a garden is slightly lacking in vibrancy – such as during the winter months – a cheerfully-clad aluminium garden furniture set could be just the ticket to brighten things up.

"You could choose several metal chairs in a number of colours. These could be located in front of evergreen shrubs, and they truly make a statement," Ms Merisia added.

Meanwhile, the ArchVisionModels blogger Gills Tiens has advised shoppers to consider aluminium patio sets over more traditional constructions, as metal furniture perfectly complements a contemporary home.

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