Property owners with a hard wood garden furniture set have been told to make sure they keep their goods secure by locking their shed...

An expert has said that messages about the importance of sun protection when exercising outdoors, perhaps with trampolines for the garden, are "slowly but surely" getting through to more people...

Reality TV star Jeff Brazier, who fathered two children with the late Big Brother legend Jade Goody, has recommended garden trampolines as a fun way to get the kids exercising outdoors this spring...


Experts give top garden furniture design tips

05/11/2010 Those considering the purchase of an aluminium garden furniture set, to get their outdoor space kitted out and looking fabulous ready for the spring, have been given some top green-fingered style tips.

According to the landscaping experts at HomeDIT, decorating a patio is not difficult, as most of an outdoor living space's appeal occurs naturally – the "soothing sky, warm sunlight and fresh air".

"The best way to add beauty and charm to your outdoor patio area is to simply choose a theme and to add in beautiful and relevant accessories. You can choose the theme of Mediterranean or dress up the area as a jungle," the blog added.

Design fans were also urged to select the right aluminium garden furniture set to complement the rest of their green space, with simple, delicate-looking items and sleek lines being noted as the best choice for smaller yards.

Earlier this week, the JayHoward blog suggested that an 'adult' swing, as opposed to the kinds used by children, could equip a garden with somewhere comfortable and relaxing to sit and watch the world go by.

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