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Choosing a Gas Barbeque

Here are a few points to consider when choosing which gas barbecue grill is right for you and your lifestyle.

Benefits of Owning a Gas Barbecue Grill

  • Preheats and ready to cook in 10 minutes
  • Ability to control cooking temperature
  • Easy to light
  • Allows you to cook a variety of foods
  • Easy to operate and clean-up
  • Inexpensive to maintain
Size of Gas Barbecue Grill
Consider the number of people you usually feed and how often you plan to use your gas barbecue grill. You may also want to consider a gas barbecue grill with a side burner or warming racks as this allows for additional cooking areas and greater cooking options. Use the chart below as a guide when choosing which grill size would be right for you.

Main Cooking Surface (sq. in.)Number of Portions (people)
240 primary square inches4 to 5
300 primary square inches
5 to 6
345 primary square inches 6 to 7
400 primary square inches
7 to 8
450 primary square inches
9 or more

Cooking Systems & Burners
Central to any great gas barbecue grill is the burner’s ability to efficiently and effectively deliver heat to the entire cooking surface. If you are going to cook food by indirect heat or want to cook a variety of different foods at the same time, your grill should be equipped with multiple heat controls. Fiesta offers three outstanding cooking systems designed to provide controlled even heat distribution through high, medium, and low throughout the entire cooking surface. In addition to your burner system, another factor to consider is the cooking medium and cooking grids.

Cooking Mediums:
  • Best - Heat Tent Distribution Systems are designed to funnel grease away from the burners and vaporizes drippings, which will reduce flare-ups. Gas barbecue grills equipped with a heat tent or vaporizer system do not require lava rock or ceramic briquettes.
  • Better â€" Ceramic Briquettes
  • Good â€" Lava Rock
Cooking Grids:
  • Best â€" Porcelain Cast Iron
  • Better â€" Porcelain Wire
  • Good â€" Chrome Wire
BTU’s â€" British Thermal Units
BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, which is a measurement of heat output. So how should BTU’s factor into your purchase decision? Although the number of BTU’s should increase as the main cooking surface increases, it is important to know that more BTU's do not necessarily mean a better performing grill. Our research indicates that having 100 BTU’s per square inch of primary cooking surface is ideal for optimum performance in a Fiesta gas barbecue grill. This BTU range will allow you to heat your grill high enough to sear a steak, and then lower the BTU output to maintain the ideal cooking temperature.

Grill Assembly
Look for gas barbecue grills that are easy to assemble with fewer parts. The fewer parts the less trouble for you later on. Some grills offer “no tools required”, which might mean that the tools have been packed inside the grill carton. Fiesta gas barbecue grills have been designed and engineered to assemble with two hands and no tools. It’s quite easy. The only thing easier will be bringing the food to the table.

Grill Construction
Look for a grill that the cart is sturdy and made of high grade U.S. steel. Ensure that you are purchasing your gas barbecue grill from a reputable grill manufacturer that is located in the United States so that replacement parts are easy to get.
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